Qualification to the Chinese Grand Prix in 2013 in his closing segment was marked by the use of different tactical schemes caused by too intense wear soft tires. Soft tires can withstand a maximum of one round, and then begin to rapidly lose their effectiveness. So theoretically start a more profitable part of your hard not to go into the pits at the beginning of the race. The problem of the first ten drivers is that they have the right to choose the rubber composition, since the need to use, at which time it was shown in the third segment of training. First on the fastest lap I went to Sebastian Vettel, who chose the soft compound, but his example was followed by no one. And it is not about the choice of tires, and on the departure of the boxes. Having passed two laps, Seb came back to the pits without becoming showing no time. But behind the curtain of the majority still go on the road, and also on “soft”, but Vettel and Button chose the composition of Medium. Jenson drove a slow circle, but tomorrow will start the eighth as Sebastian (9th) once again turned to the pits and Nico Hulkenberg (10th place), and so they left. Pole also won Lewis Hamilton – the Mercedes factory pilots have been quick throughout the free practice sessions. The winner of last year’s race Chinese Grand Prix 2012 – Nico Rosberg showed the fourth time. Between the two pilots Mercedes wedged Kimi Raikkonen (2nd place) and Fernando Alonso (3rd place). Behind Rosberg settled Felipe Massa (5th place), Roman (6th place) and Diniel Riccardo (7th place). Thus, the first seven drivers will start on the rubber Soft, which is rapidly destroyed. Button will start the race in exactly Medium, and Vettel and Hulkenberg (like everyone else outside the top ten) retained the right choice. Rain is forecast in Shanghai is expected.