The results of the qualification before the Canadian Grand Prix in 2014

After the defeat in Monaco, if the second place can be called a defeat, Lewis Hamilton arrived at the next stage in Canada with a strong desire to win. But regained its lead in the standings Nico Rosberg has other plans. In fact, as in all previous stages of the season, played a pole between the pilots of the factory team Mercedes. And as a result Rosberg second time in a row and the third time this year, I was in front, ahead of Hamilton by only 0.079 seconds. Perhaps it did not affect his time, but not islyucheno that this little blot and deprived him start from the first place. Fortunately, in Canada, to overtake a lot easier than in Monaco, and the struggle here every year pleases the fans. So those interensnee will watch the confrontation between two very quick drivers. But whether someone challenge them? May compete with the Mercedes could be pilots of Williams, who looked good throughout the free practice. Long straight race cars approached the British stables, which this year are the engines Mercedes – the best of the season. Walter Bottas qualified for high fourth place, and his teammate Felipe Massa – on the fifth. However, both of them well ahead of Sebastian Vettel (3rd place), which is yet another contender in rivals Rosberg and Hamilton. Also, Seb, who had often had bad luck, finally managed to leave behind his team-mate at Red Bull Daniel Riccardo, who showed this time only the sixth result. Best of Scuderia Ferrari – Fernando Alonso was only seventh, although during the free practice Spaniard managed to show much better results. The same can be said about Kimi – the Finn was in the closing ten. And between Racers Ferrari placed Jenson Button (9th place) and great qualifier Jean-Eric (8th place), who managed not only to get into the third segment, but leave it behind such serious racers like Button and Raikkonen. But the speed at Dani is, let’s hope that with his car all right, and on Sunday he will be able to fight back and fight for points. The race is expected to exciting.


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