The results of the qualification before the British Grand Prix in 2014

Drizzling rain, which is the hallmark of the UK, has made significant adjustments to the results of last Saturday at Silverstone qualifying prior to the ninth stage of the World Championship Formula 1 season in 2014. Weather intervened in all three sessions of the races, great teams Shuffle the cards. How do you, for example, screening for the first segment of both riders Ferrari? And this despite the fact that during Friday’s free practice Fernando Alonso both times showed the third result. Not able to overcome the first segment and the two pilots of the team Williams, who won the third and fourth place in the course of the previous stage – the Grand Prix of Austria. And all because the curtain of the first part of training the bulk of the pilots switched to slicks and seriously improved its results, and Alonso, Raikkonen and Massa Bottas did not have time to do this. For example, the time to orient Jules Bianchi at Marussia demonstrated as much the second time. In the second segment, the situation is repeated with the weather. Rain intensified at the beginning and then stopped again, and the trail is quite blown by strong wind quickly dried up. Again, Bianchi was about to repeat the same trick, but this time to the end of the session was a little more time, so it managed to push beyond the top ten. Namely – on the 12th. It’s hard to believe, but in the final segment, there was a similar situation with the rain. However, adjusting the time of the riders managed to show on slicks, and then the rain intensified. There was a question whether it makes sense to leave again, because better results will be extremely difficult, and on intermediate tires at all impossible. But this year, took place in the third segment of the pilots allocated an extra set of fresh rubber, which most do decide to use it. And not in vain, as it turned out, since almost all were able to improve. In addition to Lewis Hamilton, who had led the duct, and eventually fell back to sixth place. Sebastian Vettel not to travel on the first attempt, immediately showed the second result, and Nico Rosberg won the pole position at Mercedes. Masterfully overcame the circle and JB, well-versed in the changeable weather conditions. Tomorrow, the Briton will start third in front of home stands. The top ten broke and both pilots of the team Force India, did not shine during the free practice. Nico qualified fourth, and Sergio Perez – seventh. In front of them is placed Daniel Riccardo (8th place) of the senior team Red Bull. Well, the race promises to be very interesting, and in any weather. Overtaking is possible at Silverstone, but the struggle is planned on all fronts of the field.


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