After a month of summer break, teams and drivers in Formula 1 came to the Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps in Belgium, where on Saturday to qualify twelfth stage of the World Cup season in 2014. Before the start of the races over the autodrome was a heavy downpour, so everyone had to fly on wet asphalt. But, fortunately, there were no accidents and non-stop session the red flags. In the fight for the pole position on the already established tradtsii participated pilots Mercedes factory team – in this regard after the holidays, nothing has changed. This time was the best of Nico Rosberg, who managed to avoid the obvious mistakes and corrections during the passage of fast lap which prevented Luce Hamilton ahead of team-mate. Sebastian Vettel qualified third, did not shine during the free practice, but eventually showed excellent lap time, leaving behind Fernando Alonso (4th) with a difference of advantages just seven thousandths of a second. Vettel’s team-mate at Red Bull Daniel Riccardo will leave tomorrow to fight with the fifth position, and behind him is located, Walter Bottas (6th place), managed in difficult conditions ahead of the more experienced Felipe Massa (9th place), acting on exactly the same car. A similar situation exists in the team McLaren, where newcomer Kevin Magnussen (7th) has left behind Jenson Button (10th), which has more than two hundred behind the Grand Prix and the world title. Also he made his way into the top ten Kimi Raikkonen (8th place), a time to stay close to Alonso, but in the end he ceded much. So, on Sunday, we have no doubt will be an interesting race in Belgium that are exciting in any weather.