The results of the qualification before the Bahrain Grand Prix 2015

Lewis Hamilton again did not leave anyone a chance of qualifying before the Bahrain Grand Prix in 2015, won the pole position with a convincing advantage. But his team-mate Nico Rosberg (3rd place) at this time is also lost to Sebastian Vettel (2nd place). Kimi Raikkonen qualified fourth, leaving behind two representatives of Williams, and Walter Bottas (5th place) for the first time this season was ahead of Felipe Massa (6th). Daniel Ricardo in the first attempt of the final segment showed the best time, however, then it is the result of blocked Lewis. But in the second movement gained great leaders, and Dan eventually fell back to seventh place. In the top ten, this time on his way Nico Force India, which showed in the final eighth time. And Carlos Sainz (9th) ahead of Roman Grosjean (10th place). During the fight this time and both drivers were Sauber, and Verstappen. In Bahrain, the last bit of added McLaren – Fernando Alonso will start tomorrow, the 14th, but Jenson Button was not lucky: his car throughout the weekend pursue technical problems.


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