The results of the qualification before the Bahrain Grand Prix 2014

The third stage of the World Cup season 2014 Formula 1 race held in Bahrain, which is host to a Grand Prix for the tenth consecutive year (though in 2011 the first stage was canceled due to the political crisis), but for the first time under artificial light. Saturday qualifying was held, and as the pilot factory team Mercedes is still beyond the reach of his rivals. At this time, the pole went to Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton was second, failing to improve your score in a final attempt because of an error. Despite pursuing Red Bull problems as in Australia, the third time, again showed Daniel Ricardo, but his team-mate Vettel Sebastyan the second time out of three in this year failed to break into the final segment of qualifying with a stay at the eleventh line of the protocol. Wow qualified Bottas on Walter Williams, showed the fourth result and significantly ahead of his team-mate Felipe Massa, who tomorrow will start eighth. But even more praise worthy of Sergio Perez of Force India (5th), who managed not only to get into the top ten, unlike Nico (it only twelve), but to overcome the circle for the fastest time. The best representatives of a Ferrari this time only six, and they turned out to Kimi Raikkonen, Fernando Alonso has conceded in all free practice session. Himself a Spaniard, who on Friday in both exercises was third, at the crucial moment was unable to repeat their best results and closed the top ten. And the remaining two places in the last divided racers McLaren – Jenson Button (7th place) and Kevin Magnussen (9th place). As qualification, Sunday’s race in Bahrain will take place under floodlights, joining a similar stage in Singapore and Abu Dhabi. We will monitor whether someone has to fight the Mercedes and his pilots will understand each other.


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