Despite the troubled situation in Bahrain, Formula 1 yet arrived in the United Kingdom, where the qualification was held today before the fourth stage of the World Cup season 2012. Everything went fairly quietly, without any excesses. The first pole of the season earned a two-time world champion Sebastian Vettel. The pilots of the Red Bull in any of the sessions of free practice is not led by the protocol, but eventually could be added at the right time. Well made and Mark Webber, but the Australian is still a bit lost to Lewis, who tomorrow will start the second. His team-mate Jenson Button qualified fourth. Before starting her favorite skill could be considered the winner of the last race in China Nico Rosberg, but the German pilot showed only the fifth time. It is worth noting that Nico was the only poptyka and drove the first four in the final segment of the two fastest laps, and the second one of them improved their time. But the second pilot of the Mercedes – Michael Schumacher (18th) was the victim of a system failure DRS, which did not allow him to show good results. Yes, Heikki Kovalainen (16th) on the soft tire was able to drive a very cool that put him in the second segment. Surprisingly he made in qualifying, Daniel Riccardo in the Toro Rosso, which not only made it to the final segment, but also showed where high sixth result, ahead of Roman Grosjean (7th place), Sergio Perez (8th place) and do not leave the boxes Fernando Alonso ( 9th place) and Paul di Resta (10th place). In the race, the pilots will face serious problems with tire wear, which degrades at this track very quickly. So that the high starting position is not yet a complete key to success. Much will depend on the ability to save the tires and tactics.