The results of the qualification before the Austrian Grand Prix in 2014

After 11-year break, Formula 1 has returned to Austria, where the qualification was held on Saturday before the eighth stage of the World Cup on track Spielberg, now called Red Bull Ring. However, the home circuit for most of the Red Bull did not bring much success. Sebastian Vettel failed to break even in the final segment of qualifying, and the winner of the last race in Canada Daniel Ricardo showed the fifth result. In his first attempt Briton made a mistake in the penultimate turn, once all chetyryamya wheels is the trajectory for which the result was annulirovovan. A second attempt did Lewis and deployed. As a result, Hamilton will start tomorrow only the ninth – the ten closed Nico also did not show any result, but lost the position due to the fact that in the standings, he is a representative of the team behind the Mercedes. Well, who is on pole? On the first attempt he has shown impressive results on Walter Bottas Williams. Short and high-speed track Red Bull Ring, where a total of nine turns, perfectly approached the British team. And another proof was the best time of Felipe Massa, who in the second attempt managed to beat his team-mate. Thus, the pilots Williams took the entire first row of the grid, breaking the hegemony of Hamilton and Rosberg. Niko himself thus showed the third result, so that in the race, he will no doubt impose fight rivals and surely will compete for the victory. It can be considered a good fourth place Fernando Alonso, however, his team-mate Kimi Raikkonen is only eighth. Based on qualifications, returning Austrian Grand Prix calendar to be successful. Hopefully Sunday we are waiting for an exciting race.


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