The results of the qualification before the Australian Grand Prix in 2013

Australia started the next World Cup races in Formula 1, but started a little different. Rain before Saturday’s qualification race forced the Directorate to postpone the beginning of the three races, eventually start was given only half an hour later. After the first segment of the pilots dropped out teams of outsiders, with which, as in the previous three seasons, leaving Marussia and Caterham. And, in the absence of the championship has left the HRT, in the last six riders among the show the most modest results proved Pastor Maldonado at Williams and newcomer Esteban Guterras at Sauber. Start of the second segment of qualifying was again postponed due to the efforts of rain, and ended that a continuation of the races moved to Sunday morning. This decision was due to the fact that for the convenience of European viewers start qualifying and the race in Melbourne start at a later time. And because Australia is now autumn, the dark there early enough, and artificial lighting on the road is not provided. Sunday race also started on the damp track, but the third segment of the asphalt dried up, so all the drivers switched to slicks, which were shown in the best of times. And the fastest Sebastian Vettel appeared as if there was no winter break. In the pre-season tests pilots three times champion Red Bull does not shine, and it looks like doing it on purpose. Confirmation is the second time, and Mark Webber – only two of them with Seb able to get out of the final segment of 1 minute and 27 seconds. But then a surprise – in third place in Melbourne qualified Lewis Hamilton, who joined this year in the factory team Mercerdes. It seems that in the fourth year of existence of stable Brackley finally managed to build a fast car, and since Nico Rosberg showed good sixth time, although it had hoped for more, though with out reason. It is better than a year ago, starts the season and the team Ferrari. As long as the stable from Maranello is not the fastest car, but Fernando Alonso qualified fifth and Felipe Massa – fourth. Late last year, the Brazilian finally recovered from all of their problems and found the former form, confirming this momentum. The seventh and eighth lines of the protocol settled pilots of Lotus – Kimi Raikkonen and Romain Grosjean. Both argue that the current car speed exceeds last year. However, their position in qualifying clearly do not reflect the true speed of the new machines. But the tenth time Jenson Button for the most part reflects the problems faced by the team McLaren. And even the leadership of the British stables recognizes the existence of difficulties that should be solved in the course of the season. Hamilton replaced Sergio Perez qualified and did a fifteenth. However, part of this is understandable wrong strategy. The top ten also made his way Paul di Resta (9th) from the team Force India. And in the near future will start the first race of the new season, which, in contrast to the two parts of qualifying, yet when dry weather is expected.


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