Season Formula January 2011 kicked off in Australia two weeks later than planned because of the canceled race in Bahrain. Today was the first qualification, which has demonstrated an exemplary force command offseason built the new race cars, in accordance with the amended rules. Recall that this year’s Formula 1 car, as well as two years ago, again got the system the kinetic energy recovery KERS, got the adjustable rear wing, which can be activated in the race at the start-finish line in pursuit of an opponent with an interval of less than one second, which will a few km/h to increase the maximum speed. In addition, this season all the teams went to the Bridgestone tires the tires Pirelli, which quickly wears out and loses its effectiveness when, it does it very quickly. As to the qualifications, the Red Bull was again almost within the reach of competitors. Sebastian Vettel won his sixteenth pole position of his career, showing just a phenomenal time – faster than last year. His partner gave way, and not only the young German, but Lewis. McLaren team brought some new items for your car directly in Australia, and its pilots went again very quickly, which confirms also the fourth place of Jenson Button. But Ferrari, on the other hand, has given way, in spite of the fact that it was considered the main rival of Red Bull. After Vitaly will start Nico Rosberg, Michael Schumacher once again lost to his younger companion, having shown only 11 results. Generally, in protyaschenii weekend Sauber team looks very good, debutant Sergio Perez qualified thirteenth. It is worth noting that this season in qualifying newly introduced 107% rule, are not allowed on the start too slow machines. In the first qualification in the 107 per cent did not meet the two pilots of the team HRT, which is experiencing serious problems. Its pilots missed almost all free rides because of the unavailability of cars. But the Russian team Marussia Virgin Racing though and put in a limit of 107 per cent, but showed the final time is worse than last year, which was her debut. Pilots Team Lotus considerably tightened to a group of middle peasants, but to jump above the head could not – the new machine is still markedly inferior to the speed of the competitors. Tomorrow will certainly phenomenal race in which there is a lot of unknown elements. It is possible on the podium will be not only representatives of the top teams, but also someone who will manage to better preserve their tires to the finish line and competently carry out pit-stops.