The results of the qualification before the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 2014

Qualification before the final race – the Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi in 2014 won Nico Rosberg, and with a significant advantage over the partner. In both attempts the final segment of Lewis Hamilton made a few corrections, losing in the end more than three-tenths of Nico. Tomorrow Rosberg to win the title needed only a victory, and a small step towards this, he has already made. However, Lewis is not must finish higher than second place, so Nico does not hide the desire to between him and his main rival would be squeezed pilots of Williams. Those in Abu Dhabi really turned out to be strong, finishing third (Walter Bottas) and fourth (Felipe Massa) position, but still behind Hamilton. As for the British, he has the advantage of 17 points, but because at the end of the race will be awarded points in the double rate, his task is somewhat complicated by this. Apparently, Lewis seriously tense and nervous, and even trying to hide it in every way. It is not in his favor, while Rosberg is lagging, and he has nothing to lose. German more relaxed, and after winning the qualification will be able to stay in a good mood – the maximum task he performed on Saturday. Of course, to win enough Hamilton tomorrow to finish behind his partner, but he wants to win – to issue the title is beautiful, so it is bound to be a fight. And this struggle should be the main decoration of the end of the championship. But if something goes wrong, then for the high places, in addition to the riders Williams will be able to compete as representatives of Red Bull. Daniel Ricardo will start fifth and Sebastian Vettel – the sixth. The Spaniard made a mistake in his final attempt, therefore, proved to be closing in ten. So tomorrow will be the last race of the season in 2014 and the long-awaited denouement – we know who all the same will be the champion in the individual competition: it will be either Lewis Hamilton or Nico Rosberg. Mercedes team has long won the Cup of designers, so the fight of its pilots did not interfere going – everything will be decided on the track.


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