The results of the Malaysian Grand Prix 2012 – The victory of Alonso, second place Perez

Incredible turned the race in Malaysia – the second stage of the World Championship Formula 1 2012 season, which started at a slight rain. In the beginning, all the pilots chose to “change the shoes” into the intermediate tires, but after a few laps rain markedly increased, so that the majority of the riders stopped at the pit stop for tires for heavy rain. Surprisingly, under these circumstances the start of the race took place without major incidents. Roman snagged the car of Michael Schumacher, because of what the two retreated far back, and Lewis Hamilton kept the lead, ahead of Jenson Button. And as soon as the rain intensified, Grosjean and all went off the road, opened by the retired. The second race in a row the Frenchman eliminated from the competition on the first lap distance. After eight laps after the start of the race management decided to release the safety car, and even later, the circle was thrown out the red flags. Peleton going to the start-finish line to wait for the weather to improve. Recall that a similar situation has already been in Malaysia three years ago, but then the restart has not happened. At the same time, after about an hour after the suspension of the race, it was declared the restart, again behind the safety car, which remained on the road even for a few laps. But as soon as she turned into the pits, many pilots rushed into the pits for intermediate tires. A number of pilots, not pits prior to the suspension of the race, managed to significantly improve its position. For example, the third turned out to Sergio Perez, who started the ninth, the seventh was Jean Eric, who started eighteenth and ten closed Narain Kartekyan of HRT, once chose rain tires for the start. As a result, after the next wave of pit stops came in the leaders Fernando Alonso and Sergio played another position and was the second. As soon as the asphalt began to dry out, Perez became closer to Alonso, Hamilton was third, and behind him – Webber and Raikkonen. The pilots of the Mercedes had problems with tire wear, which is why Nico Rosberg rolled away lower and lower, and Michael Schumacher fought in the middle group. However, at the finish of the 7-time world champion still managed to take one point for tenth place, while Nico was only the thirteenth. From boxing team received information about the approach of a new charge of rain, so that the pilots did not hurry to the pits, but the majority of intermediate tires was already badly worn. The first to go on slicks risked in the Toro Rosso, followed their example was followed by all the others. At that time, Perez has turned out to be in the vicinity of Alonso, but the Spaniard dived into the pits, but the Mexican was another circle, which was not quite the right decision. After his pit-stop Sergio behind the leader for almost ten seconds. But surprisingly, on slicks, he continued anyway to catch up with Ferrari, while Lewis was walking behind approaching. But about five laps to go a little bit wrong Perez, the gap increased again, so that the fight for the victory of the Mexican failed. But even the second pilot Sauber could be called a sensation and a great result both for the riders and for the Swiss team. And, of course, no one expected to win a Ferrari, not very good to start the season. For comparison, while Fernando Alonso was leading almost half of the race, Felipe continued to struggle with redundant active wear rubber and finished fifteenth already almost lap behind the leader. But in the top ten this time included both pilots Force India – Paul di Resta (7th place) and Nico (9th place), opens the scoreboard points Frenchman Jean Eric Vergne of Toro Rosso (8th place), Mark Webber (4th place) Kimi Raikkonen (5th place) and Bruno Senna of Willaims (6th place). Bruno may be noted separately. At the beginning of the race he ran with his partner Pastor Maldonado, who in Australia could earn points for one race more than the team earned for all of last season, but fell on the last lap. Nevertheless, the Brazilian attack, broke through on protyazhyanee the race and brought to the finish 8 points. Recall that for the entire 2011 season Williams was able to score only 5 points. But Maldonado himself again with no luck. Venezuelan was tenth and could bring in another spectacle piggy bank credits, but on the last lap on his car had problems with the engine. So, the next race – Chinese Grand Prix will be held this time only three weeks, but the continuation of the fight promises to be extremely interesting. In the championship leaders Alonso came out, and behind him a small margin proved Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button, the car that objectively, at the moment, yet can be considered the best.


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