The results of the Hungarian GP 2011 – Button won

Hungarian Grand Prix in 2011, only the second time in the history of the meeting, started on wet pavement that traditionally has turned quite a boring race with little overtaking in incredibly intense and stressful stage. To start all the drivers chose intermediate rubber compound, but on the first lap anyway pilot was very hard – the drivers had to work very carefully and gas driving that many turned with varying degrees of success, so the position changed in all parts of the field. From the start of Vettel kept the lead, but his put pressure Hamilton, who still managed to pass the leader of the Championship. Fernando Alonso has conceded both pilots Mercedes GP, but bounced back fairly quickly, while not wrong, so then it had to re-break. The track was drying slowly, and a number of pilots switched to slicks on which ride was more difficult and dangerous, but it turned out a bit faster. Group leaders “pereobulsya” with a minimum difference, so take it out on this no one has. In the second half of the race again drizzling rain, which led to a reversal in the lead of Hamilton. At this point, it was ahead of Button, and between the partners broke serious duel. As a result, Lewis went into the pits for intermediate tires. His example was followed by several other drivers, including Webber, but after a couple of laps he had to change it back – the rain held off. At this point, Jenson Button was leading the race and, in 2006, on the same track, with the changeable weather conditions, he managed to bring the case to a second victory of the season. And after finishing Sebastian Vettel, who is only on hand that wins is taken each other Hamilton, Alonso and Button, allowing it to increase its advantage in the standings. Fernando, which is quite a lot wrong in the course of the race, climbed on the third step of the podium. Hamilton, who was also punished passing through the pit-lei, still finished fourth, ahead of Mark Webber (5th place). The sixth saw the checkered flag Felipe Massa. Ten were in the points and Paul di Resta (7th place), both pilots of the team Toro Rosso – Sebatyan Buemi (8th place) and Jaime Alguersuari (10th place), and between them is placed Nico Rosberg (8th place). Now Formula 1 is sent to the vacation month, so that the next race – the Belgian Grand Prix at Spa held only 28 of August.


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