Results of the Grand Prix of China 2011: Hamilton won

If last year’s race in China, spectacular and fun to make rain, then this time without rain on the track seething struggle from the start and to the finish. Controlled rear wing, various tactical decisions with the tires Pirelli and the configuration of the race track contributed to the large number of great overtaking, the lack of which is talking the last few years. Controlled rear wing overtaking contributed to the end of the long straight, which began as soon as it can be activated. But a key role in the race still played a tire, more literate moments of their shift. For example, quite early first pit stop allowed to go into the lead of the race Nico. However, the last long stretch on the hard set did not allow him to fight rivals. As a result, there was only finish Rosberg fifth, but Mercedes GP, and the result can be considered good. Michael Schumacher also “brought” some points by finishing eighth. In a similar situation, with Rosberg and Felipe Massa went. Ferrari has chosen for its riders tactics of two pit stops instead of three. At first, it helped the Brazilian to reach the leading group, but then the tires on a car are worn masses so that opponents resist more fresh tires were simply useless. The result – the sixth place, the position of the above team-mate Fernando Alonso, who started on the front position. It’s hard to name the best solution Renault team also carried out two pit stops instead of three. At that time, he conceded for about three seconds with a range of pilots, who put a fresh set. As a result, Vitaly still able to race at the end of Obote several rivals, the two only because of their error, which brought on the finish ninth result and two additional points in the “piggy bank.” And Nick Heidfeld finished the Chinese Grand Prix Twelve. But Hamilton is rapidly catching up on Red Bull leader, and as a result was able to fight around it beautiful. The first victory for Lewis and McLaren this year. Meanwhile, the struggle was also for third place which served Jenson Button. He caught launched from distant eighteenth place Mark Webber. Avstralitsets spent the first stint on the hard tire distance, experiencing obvious problems with them, but in the final segment of the car brand was “shod” in the soft composition. As a result, Jenson was difficult to oppose something, so that a place on the podium Englishman still lost. Closed the first ten Kamui Kobayashi of Sauber, but in the race seemed much brighter than his young team-mate – Mexican Sergio Perez, has made a lot of overtaking. However, at some point, Sergio overdone, resulting in damage to the car. The next race will be held in three weeks at the Istanbul Park in Turkey. Team returned to Europe in time to prepare for the Turkish race to upgrade their machines and add postorayus.


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