Results Chinese Grand Prix 2012 – first career victory Nico

Nico Rosberg managed to develop yesterday’s qualifying success in front of the Chinese Grand Prix in 2012 in her first career victory, which was the tenth to the factory Mercedes team in Formula 1. The remaining place on the podium was shared between the pilots McLaren – Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton. For the latter, the current third place in the season was the third in a row, but it is possible to become a leader of the championship. The race was on dry pavement, and at the start there were no serious incidents. The density results of riders from different teams that nabyudalas in the second segment of Saturday’s qualifying, fully manifested during the Grand Prix. It is thanks to a dense combat race was incredibly interesting and rich. It was interesting to watch the pilots Sauber. Relying on the economic use of rubber on the car, the pilots of the Swiss team had planned to leave at Tresse longer, less time to stop in the pits. But this time, this tactic has not worked. Kamui Kobayashi at the start from fourth place finished in tenth place, Sergio Perez – only the eleventh (when starting from eighth position). Several “overdone” on the track and Nico, which is why it is for some time, missed the lead, firing forward Button. The Englishman could well win the race, but his mechanics lingered in the pit stop, which ultimately deprived Jenson opportunity to compete for first place. But even stronger mechanics brought Michael Schumacher. Seven-time world champion was second, not too far behind the pace of his team-mate. Unfortunately, the race was over for him gathering because of the loose in the pit stop the rear wheel. It turned out to be a disastrous race for Kimi. Finn did everything right and for ten laps to go was second. However, a small mistake with the departure to the dirty part of the track was worth the loss of speed, and once tight group of pilots is ahead. On the fifth starting position proved Kimi fourteenth at the finish. A similar error is expensive and cost Fernando Alonso, who held a good position in the very tight group. Although the Spaniard had a little revenge, he crossed the finish line only ninth. His team-mate Felipe Massa (13th) was another tactic to earn points but the Brazilian did not help. In the most recent quarters a struggle between the two pilots of Red Bull. Samples from the eleventh starting position to the second (after the error Raikkonen), Sebastian Vettel (5th place) initially was unable to hold back both pilots MaLaren, and then he walked and Mark Webber, who finished fourth. But the seventh and eighth, surprisingly, took the pilots of Williams – Bruno Senna and Pastor Maldonado, respectively. And this despite the fact that they started with 14 and 13 positions. But the Brazilian also spent the entire race with a slightly damaged front wing. And finally, the first points of the season earned Roman (6th place), to defend the honor of Lotus at the finish of the race. Next race – Bahrain Grand Prix 2012 will be held a week later. There has been a lot of talk about whether the stage will take place or will be canceled, as it happened last year. But in the end it was officially announced that Bahrain will host the race, it can only hope that all goes well.


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