Before the start of the race the British Grand Prix in 2011 was a little rain, so the pilots started on intermediate tires, but, fortunately, at the start there were no incidents. That’s just Mark Webber conceded first place Vettel, Button beat Felipe Massa and Hamilton made ​​a breakthrough with the tenth to sixth place. Speaking of the latter, Lewis entire race seriously attacked and had a good chance to finish, if not turned out that the team was wrong with the calculations of fuel consumption and did not ask the British to lose pace to be able to get to the checkered flag. In the first phase of the race Sebastian Vettel pulled away from Webber, but Mark could not seriously pursue his drive off of Fernando Alonso. However, at some point, the Spaniard overtook Hamilton and was able to pass him, but then the pit stops will put everything in its place. Red Bull mechanics worked matter by allowing two hitches in a row, which allowed Fernando to become a leader, and Hamilton was second. But even more let down his pilot McLaren mechanics. As a result, Jenson Button went on the road with loose front wheel, which forced him to retire. As a result, Hamilton passed Vettel ahead, and then, in an internal struggle, he was able to go and Webber. In just a few laps to go, Mark began to cool to put pressure on Sebastian, and had nearly passed him, but team principal Christian Horner has asked Australians to retain the gap. Yes, team tactics are now officially allowed, but that does not mean that such decisions will not be censured by spectators and journalists. Although this phrase Horner probably just wanted to warn his players from the contact, which could lead to a descent, it is not appropriate to the last lap of the race, when the pilots took second and third places. We were pleased on the last lap, and another beautiful duel erupted between Hamilton and Massa for fourth place. While Lewis was forced to save fuel, Mass on the soft set of tires I was flying so fast that in just a few laps to play catch up in nine seconds. For two turns before the finish the Brazilian went on the attack, but the Briton with locked wheels, dospustil contact. Well, the first win of the season finally celebrated Fernando Alonso. Vettel, however, all the same second, Mark Webber – the third. In the points ten broke and Nico Rosberg (6th place), Sergio Perez (7th place), Nick Heidfeld (8th place), Michael Schumacher (9th) and Jaime Alguersuari (10th place). Vitaly Petrov again, alas, remained without points after finishing the British Grand Prix in 12th place. The next race will be held in two weeks – it will be the German Grand Prix at Hockenheim. And the question of changing the rules on the “burning” of the exhaust is still open.