It represents hydrogen Audi A7 Sportback H-Tron

In addition to the prototype Prologue, brought Germans from Audi at the motor show in Los Angeles in 2014 and is still a concept version of the all-wheel drive A7 Sportback H-Tron hatchback, in motion that lead two electric motors fed by hydrogen fuel cells. One is located on the front axle and the other – on the back. Total motor power of 230 hp (540 Nm).
In front of the concept is a block of 300 individual fuel cells. Each cell consists of a catalyst made of platinum, and a polymer membrane. The process of generating energy begins with splitting hydrogen into protons and electrons.
This is done as follows. In the first stage the protons pass through the polymer membrane to the cathode where it joins with oxygen and converted into steam. In turn, the electrons are converted into electricity. Interestingly, the voltage in each cell ranges from 0.6 to 0.8 volts.
A huge role in the fuel cells playing a turbine cooling fan and pump. The objective of the turbine is the air supply to the cells. Fan also returns the unused hydrogen to the anode for cleavage. The system can operate smoothly at a temperature of -28 to +80 degrees Celsius.
The energy is supplied directly to the block lithium-ion battery, which is located directly beneath the luggage compartment floor. The capacity of the unit is 8.8 kWh. Interestingly, with an empty tank on only one power lithium-ion batteries the car can travel about 50 km. To fully charge the battery from a home network would take about four hours.
The company also shared information on the dynamic characteristics of the Audi A7 Sportback H-Tron Quattro. Acceleration from zero to hundreds of takes from the concept of hydrogen 7.9 seconds. Maximum speed is 180 km/h.
At the rear of the prototype installed immediately four cylinder, which fits about 5 kg of hydrogen stored at a pressure of 700 bar. Its reserves enough for at least 500 kilometers, but on one kilogram of gas the car will overcome about 100 kilometers.
Does the Audi A7 gets H-Tron in the series? Answer this question if the manufacturer is not in a hurry, but there is a chance.

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