Sent to repair nearly a thousand crossovers Nissan Terrano

Nissan has announced the recall of 976 SUV Terrano, sold on the market from March to November 2016. According, these machines are installed wrong rudders, which is fraught with problems with the airbag. Due to an error in the design documents, to be review-road Nissan Terrano was made steering wheel installation incorrect specification. Such marriage has only machines in the initial configuration. As a result of these crossovers, spiral airbags cable may come into contact with shift paddles. Such contact may result in damage to the cable, and then the airbag is deactivated, the corresponding signal notifying the driver on the instrument panel. The dealership Nissan Center Free faults can be rectified by replacing a wheel and may stalk, with online has posted a list of VIN-numbers of all the recalled Terrano.

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