In Renntech finalized Mercedes SLS AMG Final Edition Roadster

Florida Renntech studio presented program improvements the Mercedes-benz SLS AMG Final Edition Roadster (Mercedes-AMG GT), released a limited edition of 350 copies. Tuners offer supercar set to carbon side skirts, which increase the aerodynamic characteristics of the car, and carbon diffuser improves downforce at high speeds. For these options in the company, asking for 4650 and 4495 dollars respectively. The company noted that the installation of the new diffuser is simple enough, but it may partially obscure the review of the standard rear-view camera. However, the company can easily fix this problem. Also tuners from Renntech offer reprogram the engine control unit, which will increase the impact of 6.3-liter engine with 591 hp and 650 Nm to 601 “horses” and 672 Nm of torque. It will cost $2,945. Well, for the installation of the stainless steel exhaust system is already asking $8,200. Note that this option is available for the SLS AMG models, SLS AMG GT and SLS AMG Black Series. Furthermore, in the studio set to provide special wheel roadster 20- and 21-inch front and rear wheels respectively, the customer can choose the color (all available eight different shades). Replacement discs will cost from 9,460 to 11,480 dollars.

foto-renntech-sls-final_03 foto-renntech-sls-final_02 foto-renntech-sls-final_01

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