Renewed SUV Range Rover Sport 2018

In early October 2017, Land Rover introduced an updated SUV Range Rover Sport 2, which received numerous changes to the exterior and interior, and also got a rechargeable hybrid modification. Looking at the photo of the new Range Rover Sport 2018 model year, it can be seen that it received a few other bumpers and a different grille, but the most important innovation was completely LED optics. Diode elements appeared both in the fog lights and in the tail lights, while the turn signals are now dynamic and executed in the form of a running line. For the updated off-road vehicle, four versions of the head lighting were prepared at once. So, in the base the car is equipped with headlights with 12 static LEDs. A more expensive option involves the installation of headlamps with 26 light elements in each of the headlights, while the electronics can darken individual vertical sections in order to avoid the glare of other drivers. Customers can also order pixel headlamps, each of which consists of 71 diodes and is divided into both vertical and horizontal sections, and brightness adjustment is done for each individual pixel. The fourth option is also the pixel lights, but each of them additionally installed two laser-luminophore sections of the main beam. The latter are activated on an empty road when driving at speeds above 80 km / h, illuminating the distance to 500 meters. However, if the electronics detects another machine on the way, the lasers will be deactivated. Interior Range Rover Sport 2018-2019 performed in the style of the model Velar . Look at the photo of the salon where the car received the touch-sensitive center console, which now has only three rotating handles. Already in the base of the RRS is equipped with a 12.0-inch digital instrument panel and a 10.0-inch display of a multimedia system. On the screen of the last one you can display navigation maps or a picture from the cameras of a circular view. Plus, in the presence of a projection display, the functionality of which during the restyling was significantly expanded, the diagonal was increased to 10 “. Between the front seats of the model appeared a more roomy box, and you can control the curtain of the panoramic roof with both standard buttons and with the help of a gesture system.


Range of power units Range Rover Sport 2018 in the new body underwent a certain revision. Thus, the capacity of the 5.0-liter V8 compressor engine was increased to 525 hp. (+ 15), and in the “charged” modification of SVR such engine instead of the previous 550 hp. and 680 Nm now develops 575 forces and 700 Nm of torque, which made it possible to reduce the acceleration time from zero to hundreds to 4.5 seconds (-0.2). Plus for the SUV, the most powerful version of the 2.0-liter Ingenium turbo engine, which develops 300 “horses” (400 Nm), is available. This engine has received a modification with the index P300 Si4, of the distinctive features of which is worth noting the spring suspension, while the remaining versions are completed with pneumatic. All power units on the Range Rover Sport work in conjunction with the 8-band automatic. The drive is always only full, the simple version equipped with a Torsen center differential and have no downshift, and more expensive (or as an option) is assumed transmission with an upgraded multi-plate clutch. The company Land Rover decided to abandon the diesel hybrid without the possibility of recharging the batteries, the new Range Rover Sport 2 was a hybrid modification P400e , set in motion which leads the 300-strong “turbo” and 116-hp electric motor, built-in eight-gun. The total power of such an installation is 404 hp. and 640 Nm. P400e

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