The Renault Twingo (2) hatchback 2013

Bright colors bloomed stand of Renault at the motor show in Frankfurt, 2011. The French introduced a number of different variations of the updated compact Twingo hatchback 2 generation. Interior restyled version of the Renault Twingo also pretty funny. Some of its parts can not help but get a smile. For example, a pedal, which bear icons Play, Stop, and Pause. With all this functionality, the French interior also did not forget to pay attention to. So reserve space for rear passengers is quite legged decency and is 220 mm and luggage compartment volume can be increased from 230 to 959 liters if you fold the rear seatback. Buyers kid Renault Twingo II can select the machine from the mass of different variations, giving preference to a particular color of the body, mind trim and various rims. The movement is a new 1.2-liter 75-horsepower gasoline engine or a 1.5-liter diesel engine capacity of 75 hp Leah 85.

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