Renault Symbioz concept

Renault brand presented the prototype Symbioz, demonstrating the company’s developments in the field of autonomous driving and integration of the car into the living space

It’s about the development of the Symbioz project, which the French first announced at the Frankfurt Motor Show. The futuristic prototype is equipped with a pair of electric motors located on the rear axle and giving out together 680 hp, a fully-controlled chassis and a complex of radar, video cameras, and ultrasonic sensors, providing the autonomy of the fourth level: Symbioz is able to accelerate, slow down, stop and maneuver without driver participation. The cabin has four ergonomic chairs. Three displays – on the front and center console – are combined into a single unit. The steering wheel in the unmanned mode is shifted closer to the front panel. Finally, like the Frankfurt show car, many onboard prototype systems can be integrated into the smart home system.

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