Renault Sandero introduced sports and off-road Duster


On opened in November 2016 Motor Show in Sao Paulo Renault has introduced two concept – Sandero Gran Prix and Duster Extreme. The prototype hatchback Sandero Grand Prix is based on the “charged” version of the Sandero RS, sold in Latin America.
The car is distinguished by an aggressive body kit car body, which resembles the color of a livery Renault car in Formula 1. The same colors were used and the design concept of the interior. But moving Renault Sandero RS Gran Prix leads the 2.0-liter engine produces 150 hp
As for Renault Duster Extreme, the French prepared for heavy off-road crossover. He got reinforced bumpers, increased ground clearance, winch, towing massive loop front LED “chandelier”, and snorkel. On wheels adorn black wheels, “shod” in the off-road tires. Modification equipped with all-wheel drive and a 2.0-liter gasoline engine.
The company said that the two prototypes were developed specifically to a motor show in Sao Paulo, and run them in the series are planned. However, in the future, some of the elements of off-road body kit Duster Extreme can be ordered through the catalog of accessories.

foto-sandero-gp_01 foto-sandero-gp_03 foto-sandero-gp_02 foto-duster-extreme_03 foto-duster-extreme_02 foto-duster-extreme_01

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