Renault will present a new coupe-crossover

The fact that Renault is preparing a coupe-crossover for emerging markets (China, Brazil, Russia and South Korea at the same time) became known last fall. The project was shown under the C-SUV index on one of the slides of the development presentation for the coming years. Now the first details became known.

Coupe-crossover will be shown in August at the Moscow International Auto Show. Like the Renault Kaptur base for it will serve as a Duster crossover. In the company itself, this information is not confirmed, but it is not refuted either.

Creation of a coupe-crossover on the Duster platform will minimize development costs, and Renault intends to sell not less than Kaptur to sell the new model, that is, the car will have a high profitability.

Crossovers are the most popular segment, competing for leadership with the B-class, which presents budget sedans. The coupe-crossover will allow the company to attract new customers who like the sporty look of cars. In addition, Renault is practically no competitors: the remaining coupe-crossover is represented in the premium segment.

The basis for the new crossover will in fact not serve as a Duster but as an elevated hatchback Sandero. As in the case of the Lada XRAY, the car will be exclusively front-wheel-drive. In its development (as well as in the creation of Kaptur), the most active part is taken by representatives of the branch of the company.

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