At the Frankfurt Motor Show in September 2015 the world premiere of the new Renault Megane 4 generations which had previously not been seen on time trials. And the first official photos of the new Renault Megane body appeared on the network a week before the opening of the exhibition.
Outside Renault Megane (2016) proved to be executed in the style of the older models of Talisman, which also made its debut in Frankfurt. Here, a similar diode optics running lights, setting the front bumper, grille and firm even same fin on the bonnet.
Behind the new Renault Megane 2016 sports a narrow street lamps with LED sections and elongated tails, stretching up to the emblem in the center of the trunk lid. At the same time, “warmed” modification GT hatchback with a label released a mesh in the grille and air intakes, 18-inch wheels from the RenaultSport, exclusive blue Iron Blue for the color of the body, as well as the re-registration of the bumpers and two exhaust pipes.
Inside, Renault Megane (2016) completely changed the front panel, steering wheel and dashboard. And located on the center console large vertically-oriented touchscreen display new multimedia system, which is used in talismans and new minivan Espace 5. Plus manufacturer announces improved quality materials and modern technology.

Specifications. The car is built on a modular platform CMF, which has reduced its weight, and the value added to the wheelbase of 2669 mm (+28). The car also became longer machine previous generation by 64 mm (4359) and 25 millimeters below it (1447). Track front (1591) and rear (586 1) was added at 47 and 39 mm, respectively. The boot capacity is 434 liters five-door.
As for powertrains Renault Megane (2016) are available TCe petrol turbo power of 100, 130 and 205 hp, and diesel engines with recoil ENERGY dCi 90, 110 and 130 forces. They are combined in a pair with a six-speed manual gearbox or robotized transmission with EDC dual-clutch six or seven steps.
In 2017, we expect to see Renault Meganehybrid versions in the new body, which on average will spend about three liters of fuel per hundred kilometers. Of course, there will be “charged” version of the Megane RS, but details about it yet. According to rumors, the model will get 280-hp engine capacity of 1.8 liters.
As for the Renault Megane GT, the 205-horsepower gasoline engine is only installed on it. And it uses the chassis polnoupravlyaemoe 4Control (for the first time in the classroom for the first time in this model’s history), that in 2010 the first example of the sedan Renault Laguna. In addition, Megane GT had reinforced brakes and a stiffer suspension to the migrated springs and dampers.
It is worth noting the presence of the new Megane IV System Multi Sense, which has five preset modes of control electronics: Sport, Normal, Comfort, Perso and Eco. In the GT version is replaced by the latest mode of Renault Megane RS, and the whole system allows the driver to configure the mode to suit your driving preferences.

Configuration and price. European sales launch of the new Renault Megane 4 is scheduled for the end of 2015, the price has not been announced. But in model to deliver not plan because of the lack of localization of production in the current economic climate, it would be inappropriate.
The equipment Renault Megane (2016) included a host of modern security systems, and is offered for a fee package Advanced Driver Assistance Systems with monitoring “blind” areas, Traffic Sign Recognition, Lane Departure and adaptive cruise control with brake assist.

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