Renault Duster Oroch – pickup based Renault Duster crossover, designed specifically for the South American market. Premiere Renault Duster pickup was held June 19, 2015 at the Auto Show in Buenos Aires (Argentina). The design of the car is made in the style of the eponymous concept Duster Oroch, shown in autumn 2014 at an auto show in Brazil. Pickup received a double cabin for five seats and the cargo area, which increased the overall length of 400 mm in the source code – up to 4700. In addition, Renault Duster pickup (2015-2016) stands out massive roof rails, sills, extended rear wings, a special wheel design and original taillights. Capacity of the new Renault Duster Oroch declared at the level of 650 kg, and as a powertrain for a discount of 1.6 petrol engines (115 hp) and 2.0 (148 hp) liters, available with front and full drive. Sales of Renault Duster Oroch South American countries will begin in the autumn of 2015, pricing information is not reported. No precise information and that will determine whether this modification of the offer in other markets. Earlier, the company has built pickup on the basis of Dacia Duster, but it was a single-cab version and edition of the model was only 500 copies.

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