Tuners from RDX Racedesign studio prepared another body kit for the Spanish Seat Ibiza/Ibiza SC (6J) hatchback, which is suitable for both three- and five-door for cars. The kit for Ibiza includes front spoiler for 169 euros, “cilia” on the lights (35 euros), aerodynamic side skirts (129 euros), roof spoiler (149 Euro) and rear spoiler (189 euros). No technical modifications experts from RDX Racedesign in Seat Ibiza did not make. As for the wheels, which we see in the photo, something about them in the press release does not say anything, but they look to put it mildly, an amateur.

seat-ibiza-body-kit-by-rdx-racedesign_02-650x414 seat-ibiza-body-kit-by-rdx-racedesign_03-650x432 seat-ibiza-body-kit-by-rdx-racedesign_01-650x359