Rare Ferrari Testarossa Spider, prices and equipment

In 1986, commissioned by the Italian studio Pininfarina Ferrari build an open modification supercar Testarossa, which was presented as a gift to the head of the concern Fiat – to the late Gianni Agnelli (Gianni Agnelli). This is the only official copy of the Ferrari Testarossa Spider, which was painted in silver body color, leather interior, black matte rapids and white cloth folding roof. In addition, this version of the Ferrari Testarossa Spider flaunts made of silver brand logo on the hood. And it was done for a reason, and with reference to the periodic table of chemical elements, which is marked with silver Ag, which coincides with the first two letters of the names of Agnelli. Technically outdoor Ferrari Testarossa Spider repeats coupe, except slightly reduced side windows. Technical characteristics of spider is not specified. Nevertheless, a number of bodywork studio including Pininfarina, took up mess coupe Testarossa in Spider. Now these items are real rarities, and their price can reach 760,000 dollars and more.

testarossa-spider_01-650x433 testarossa-spider_03-650x433

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