Range Rover told about SV coupe

The Jaguar Land Rover company will bring to the Geneva Motor Show a three-door version of the flagship Range Rover, which received the SV Coupe prefix in the title. The company gradually began to disclose information about this model.

Judging by the first published image, the Range Rover SV Coupe will have a four-seater cabin with a wide central tunnel. The finishing uses the most expensive natural materials. It is understandable, because the cars will be produced by the Special Vehicle Operations (SVO) branch.

The three-door “Range” will become a reminder of the very first generation of this model and will become a kind of gift for the company on its own anniversary. SVO will issue only 999 copies of the SV Coupe and I think they will all be sold out before production starts.

Rumors that such a model may appear in the Range Rover range first appeared last year. Now the British have taken out the prototype of the car for road tests. On spy shots that were published earlier, it is noticeable that the crossover has longer doors: wide doorways are needed to facilitate access to the second-row seats. In addition, the prototype of the rear doors are fake, so that the car will be uniquely three-door.

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