Presenting the 2010 Porsche Cayenne 902 Coupe, experts of the British Merdad┬ácompany Collection decided to turn the same trick with the new Range Rover SUV 4 generations, depriving it of its rear doors. The project was named Range Rover Highland GTC and, in addition to the converted in the compartment of the body, it is distinguished by the presence of aerodynamic Obese, recalibrated suspension reduced by 40 mm ground clearance and an upgraded engine. Tuners prepared for the new Range Rover 2013 own bumper and grille, new hood, flared wheel arches and side “skirt”, a rear spoiler and a diffuser integrated in a round tailpipes of the exhaust system. With an installed body kit Range Rover Highland GTC turned 92 mm wider than the standard, the body kit is available not only for the coupe, but also for ordinary SUV. In addition, the companies are willing to alter the interior, according to the wishes of the client, and the power of a top 510-horsepower V8 Supercharged may be increased to 710 “horses”. The price of two-door Range Rover Highland GTC from Merdad with tuning the engine is 485 000 dollars.

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