BMW M6 GT3 – the racing version of the car M6 Coupe (F13), which will replace the model Z4 GT3, are available with 2010. The world premiere of the new M6 GT3 will take place at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2015.
Racing coupe BMW M6 GT3 stands a massive aerodynamic body kit with extended wings, other bumpers, huge rear spoiler and diffuser. From the interior of the car and cleared, so that the mass of the model was reduced to 1 300 kg that time to 625 kg lighter than the serial car.
The movement of the BMW M6 leads GT3 4.4-liter V8 twin-turbo coupe from the civilian, but of course, migrated to participate in the race and adapted to work in tandem with the sequential gearbox. His return to the top-end specifications of 585 hp, but the power can vary, depending on the regulations of various championships.
An important advantage of this engine is the cost of its service, which, according to the Bavarian manufacturer, 30% lower compared with the 540-horsepower engine in the BMW Z4 GT3. But the price of the coupe M6 GT3 is 379 000 euros, taking orders for it will open 15 September.

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