Protecting the windshield from stones and chips

Car Windshield is considered one of the most vulnerable parts of the body. Even a small pebble, departing from the wheels may leave a crack in it, bumping into the glass surface at high speed. The danger may come from and fine sand. Grits eventually become blurred in transparent glass and frosted. Cracks and chips can appear on it in a few weeks, and install a new will cost dearly. Due to the violation of driver’s view raises the risk of a dangerous situation on the road. Yes and of itself windshield cracked a source of danger. There are several ways to protect your car against such damage. The most accessible and cheapest way is to prevent damage. It includes the driver specific driving behavior in those places where the risk of stone ejection increases. This, for example, can prevent traffic road sign “gravel Burst” or the driver himself can see that the road is scattered gravel or stones. In this case, you should minimize the speed and closely follow the other road. Install armored glass will help solve the problem fundamentally. However, this pleasure can not be called cheap. In some cases, the very armored glass can cost half the price of the car, which makes such protection meaningless. The present method is gaining popularity protection windshield using a special transparent film Clear Plex, which is installed on the outer surface of the windshield. This film is, of course, can not fully protect the glass in contact with large stones, but under the stress of small stones and gravel, the likelihood of cracks, chips and scratches decreased considerably. In addition, the outer surface of the glass is prevented from clouding of prolonged exposure to particles of sand or dust.

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Makes the film American company MADICO, which guarantees the preservation of the integrity and transparency of the material for one year or 20 thous. Km. When you hit a stone on a protected surface it is just a small mark in the form of a point. In addition, this material has additional advantages. Thus, the hydrophobic properties of the film Clear Plex improve visibility during precipitation. Wiper easier to remove drops of rain or snow from a surface. Also Clear Plex film retains ultraviolet rays that protects from burnout interior. This film has shrink properties and is installed in under an hour. The configuration and the curvature of the windshield is not relevant. When the accident broken glass will remain on the film and not get into the interior, which is an additional protection for the driver and passengers. Deleted Clear Plex film at the end of life is also very easy, leaving the windshield surface is practically new. Quite a new way to protect the windshield is its treatment of high-tech “nano”. These compositions contain hydrophobic compound, which dries to cover the surface of the thin film. In the market already has several types of materials. More often than others meet “Antirain”, ProPec and Aquapel. From stones and rubble, such protection is not very effective. However, the impact of sand and dust can be somewhat offset. The combination of caution on the road and an effective means to protect the windshield will greatly extend the life and improve safety on the road.

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