At the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2015, Nissan unveiled a concept crossover Gripz, developed jointly by the Japanese and European designer brands.
During the presentation, the company said that the creation of such a prototype inspired rally version Datsun 240Z. However, the designers also focused on the concept hatchback Sway, which was introduced in the spring of 2015. From a Nissan Gripz Concept received a similar grille and optics.
Inspired by the designers and appearance of mountain bikes. In a similar style of a plurality of elements of a crossover. For example, the car unusual 22-inch wheels, and interior door handles are shaped like bicycle seats.
Another unique feature of the concept is Nissan Gripz headlights where mounted miniature camera. They serve as a peculiar DVRs that cyclists are usually mounted on their helmets.
His concept nissan positioned as “a compact coupe with the dynamic characteristics of a sports car. “Gripz equipped with a hybrid power plant, which consists of a gasoline and electric engines, with the main and sole objective is the development of the internal combustion engine to power the electric motor. Well, for the flotation machine on the roads meet the special tires developed by Bridgestone.
“Gripz will show that a good sports car does not necessarily have a small clearance” – said the Nissan. You can see this will be in 2017, when the production version of the concept will be on the conveyor. According to preliminary data, a coupe to replace the sports coupe Nissan 370Z.

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