Production begins racing Lada Kalina NFR R1

Lada Sport (sports division of AvtoVAZ) started manufacturing racing hatchback Kalina NFR R1.
This model was developed specifically for racing-class “National” Russian Series racing circuit (RSKG), but the car plan to declare and Cup of Russia on rally 1600N class, as well as on the cross (class “D2N”) and Rally Cross (class “D2-Lada”).
Under the hood of the racing Kalina R1 located standard for the NFR-version 1.6-liter engine, whose power has been increased from 140 to 155 hp Achieving this has been due to the installation disc limited-slip differential, larger diameter throttle valve, direct-flow exhaust system and a welded exhaust manifold.
In accordance with the technical requirements, experts Lada Sport also facilitated racecar bodywork and installed a safety cage.
It is expected that the first time to see the racing Lada Kalina NFR P1 in will be 14 May 2016 at the circuit “Smolensk ring”, where he will host the first championship race RSKG.


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