How is the procedure for checking the tinting of glasses?

In recent years in Asia have tightened control over tightly tinted cars. And if only inspectors of technical supervision could check the degree of darkening of cars’ windows on the road, now it is allowed to DPS employees. How does this procedure happen?

Inspector of the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate has every right to stop the car, with visual or technically fixed detection of signs of violations of road safety requirements. That is, if the employees of the attire will notice the tinting, then they are allowed to stop this car for inspection.

Note that the driver is obliged to provide assistance, but his refusal to open the doors or lower the glass will be regarded as disobedience to a legitimate demand. In 2018, a motorist faces a fine of between an administrative arrest for up to 15 days.

However, there is one nuance: verification is possible only at the place where the car stops. This means that if the traffic cops do not have an appropriate device for measuring the light transmission of the windows, the motorist has the right to ignore their demands to drive to the nearest stationary post.

If they are not really found, the police have the right to check in any weather in winter and summer, as well as at any time of the day, incl. and at night.

The verification procedure itself is extremely simple and is carried out using a special device. Measurements are made on the wind and side windows, after which, based on the data obtained, the inspector will issue a verdict.

Recall that if the light transmission capacity of the glass, providing a front visibility for the driver, is less than 70%, then the driver faces a fine. For violation is a sticker of a light-protective strip with a width of more than 140 mm in the upper part of the windshield. At the same time, no requirements are imposed on the glasses of the rear hemisphere.

In most cases, DPS inspectors go to the meeting and do not write out a fine if the motorist expresses a desire to remove the film from the windows on the spot, while the ardent defenders of toning will somehow have to pay a fine.

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