Presented the new Suzuki Ertiga 2 2019

At the Indonesian motor show in Jakarta in 2018, the premiere of the second generation Suzuki Ertiga minivan took place. If the previous model in terms of design was almost an exact copy of Swift, on the basis of which it was built, now the differences with the hatchback are more significant. The body lines became sharper, adding dynamics to the look of the car. Suzuki Ertiga 2018-2019 (photo and price) was 130 mm longer than its predecessor, which made it possible to make a three-cabin (inside can accommodate up to seven people) more spacious. Plus the capacity of the cargo hold increased. The car received a more elegant design of the front panel, while the interior is decorated with decorative inserts made of wood. In the movement Ertiga, 2 (characteristics) in the new body leads a 1.5-liter engine, but the technical characteristics of the power unit the Japanese do not hurry to disclose.

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