KIA Niro – subcompact SUV from the South Korean automaker. World premiere of new items was held at the Motor Show in Chicago in 2016, and the new Kia Niro Europeans show in March at the exhibition in Geneva.
The appearance of the production version of KIA Niro preceded eponymous concept shown in the autumn of 2013, but on the part of the design of the exterior and interior finished to the production car does not perepalo virtually nothing from him.
Outside, the car looks more like a small copy of the older Kia Sorento 3. Is that the lattice is less on the bumper and not so brutal. Of course, different and lighting fixtures, as well as the dimensions, although the exact size is not yet known. Known only wheelbase – it is 2 700 mm.
The basis of the KIA Niro has laid down a new modular chassis, which was built previously submitted the Hyundai Ioniq. This all-wheel drive crossover default equipped exclusively hybrid, debuted on the prototype mentioned above.
It was composed of a 1.6-liter naturally aspirated “four” capacity of 105 hp (147 Nm), along with a 45-horsepower electric motor. During the last food replies battery pack with a capacity of 1.56 kWh, and acts as a transmission dedicated six DCT robot with two clutches. The dynamic characteristics of the Kia Niro are not specified.
The total output of 150 power engine and 264 Nm of torque, while the average consumption in the combined cycle manufacturer is declared at the level of 4.7 liters per 100 kilometers, which is comparable to a hybrid Toyota Prius 4.
And to help the owners of Kia Niro save gasoline, the company equipped with a special crossover Eco-DAS system, which gives the driver a variety of tips (eg, when to overrun). A Predictive Energy Control function monitors the readings of the navigation system, automatically selecting the optimal moments for the regenerative recharging of batteries, or to use energy accumulated earlier in order to reduce consumption.
Sales of the new KIA Niro will start in the fourth quarter of 2016, prices will be announced later. The equipment model entered a multimedia complex with a 7.0-inch screen, as well as support Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

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