Presented a new Nissan Titan (2) pickup 2017, prices and equipment

In January 2015, the world premiere of the full-size pickup Nissan Titan XD second generation, and the end of March 2016 a shortened version of the model, which the Japanese call a Titan was introduced. According to a top manager of Nissan Rich Miller, the new product is not only shorter than the original model, but is built on a completely different platform. The length of the Nissan Titan pickup 2017 reaches 5794 mm, which is 373 mm shorter than the XD. But the width and size of booths in the same car. Note that for a shortened version of a pickup is available five complete sets, differing cabin types and different embodiments of the loading platform. The latter can be lengths of 1.6, 2.0 or 2.5 meters. The movement of the new Nissan Titan (2017) leading 5.6-liter petrol engine V8. Working in tandem with a seven-step automatic, the engine develops 390 hp and 543 Nm of torque. Of the features of this engine deserves mention high compression ratio (11.2: 1), direct fuel injection and variable valve timing and lift height of the valves. The Japanese say that in the future, Nissan Titan will also appear with the modification of gasoline “six”. In the US, new-generation Nissan Titan 2 will go on sale in summer 2016. The market will be offered as a rear-wheel and all-wheel drive version of the model, there is no pricing information.

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