Presented a new Ferrari FXX K track hypercar

A few days before the official presentation of the Ferrari company has declassified a track version of its hypercar LaFerrari, which got to the title prefix FXX K, where K is the presence on board of kinetic energy recovery systems – KERS. For the first time to see the car could live under the World Finals event in the United Arab Emirates at the racetrack Yas Marina in Abu Dhabi. There will be built less than 40 copies Ferrari FXX K, and the cost of each is € 2,5 billion, ie about a million more than the standard version. At the same time all the cars already sold. In contrast to the road version, track version of the model was a more developed aerodynamic kit, which led to an increase in overall length of up to 4895 mm (+ 196) and widths up to 2051 (+59), but at the same height (1 116) and the magnitude of the wheel base (2650) of the car remained unchanged. Hypercar La Ferrari FXX K sports a carbon fiber front splitter, designed on the same principle that is used on racing cars category WEC. In addition, the rear sides of the flap has two separate, and located between them an adjustable fender. The manufacturer has made to increase downforce by 50% when traveling at relatively low speeds and 30% – with the active piloting. And all at a speed of 200 km/h generated 540 kg of downforce.
As expected, the modernization undergone hybrid propulsion system hypercar, total returns which managed to increase from 963 hp to 1050 The electric motor develops 190 forces here against 163 in the normal version, and the 6.3-liter V12 boosted from 800 to 860 “horses”. The dynamic characteristics of the Ferrari FHH To be announced. Recall that the option is gaining ground with a hundred places at exactly 3.0 seconds, the mark of 300 km/h travels in 15.0 sec., And the maximum speed reaches 350 kilometers per hour. It is not excluded that the maximum speed of the track version may be even lower, because this car is more important than stability on the straight and derzhak in turns. In addition, the track got its own version of the setup control electronics, which is responsible for the selection of a special switch on the steering wheel Manettino. As is the case with its predecessor in the face of Ferrari Enzo FXX, kept all the machines will be based in Maranello, and you can ride on them solely on the race track. Preparation, delivery and service vehicles will a special unit of the Italian company.

foto-laferrari-xx_04-650x433 foto-laferrari-xx_05-650x433 foto-laferrari-xx_06-650x433

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