Presentation of the new Ferrari F2012

Ferrari team suffered a presentation of his car from Maranello to the Internet, as the local Fiorano race track covered with snow, so that the leadership of the Italian stable was forced to announce the cancellation of a traditional event for journalists, as well as primary running machine. New car Ferrari F2012 and the index was different from its predecessor entirely new front and rear suspension, the other side pontoons, as well as a more compact layout of the rear. One of the key external differences Ferrari F2012 is a step in the nose of the car, the appearance of which is due to the regulations of Formula 1 for the 2012 season, requiring a nose cone positioned lower than was previously possible. A similar solution is used in the new Caterham CT-01 and Force India VJM05. Front and rear wing on the Ferrari F2012 largely duplicate solutions used on last year’s car in the last race of the season. But these elements are constantly changing throughout the year, so that the very first tests, aerodynamic feathers may change. In the battle the Italian team lead by Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa, who are aiming for victory and podiums.


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