The presentation of the car Ferrari F150

Ferrari was the first team to unveil its new car, which this year will carry the index F150, produced in honor of the one hundred fiftieth anniversary of the unification of Italy. The presentation was held in the morning in Maranello, its progress could watch live broadcasts via the Internet. Unfortunately, thick fog prevented prezetatsii after break in new product at the factory track. In contrast to the previous car, Ferrari F150 has received an even higher nose, the size of the side air intakes have decreased in accordance with the new technical regulations, the car lost duct and double diffuser, but was controlled rear wing and the system KERS. Recall that in 2009 Ferrari was one of the few teams who have used the system of kinetic energy recovery, but in the past year, all teams agreed to abandon its application. The team has retained its pilot’s composition, its colors still will defend Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa. Felipe has high hopes for new tires Pirelli, which might allow him to get rid of the problems that have arisen in his last year with Bridgestone. Alonso also calculates to make up for lost last season’s title. According to the Spaniard, he now feels perfectly in the team knows all the names, which significantly facilitates the work and built a new car based on his preferences. During the first test the new product can still evolve, continuing work on the F150 and in the wind tunnel, so the first race in Bahrain, which will be held on March 13, the machine may change.


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