At the Festival of Speed at Goodwood in 2016, the premiere of the track version of Mercedes-AMG GT supercar. The technology, in which the artist added the letter R, a has become the fastest and most powerful version of the model. The movement of the new Mercedes-AMG GT R causes a 4.0-liter engine with two turbines, whose output was increased to 585 hp (+ 75 “horses” in comparison with the S-version). Maximum torque of 700 Nm is available from 1900 to 5500 rev/min. To achieve increased performance motor Germans managed by installing new turbines and lighter two-mass flywheel, as well as due to the finalization of the exhaust valves, improving the cooling and flashing control electronics. In addition, the company worked on a relief design of the car, which have replaced the roof and front wings on carbon counterparts. As a result, AMG-GT R weighs 1555 kg, which is 15 pounds lighter version of S. From zero to hundreds of Mercedes-AMG GT R accelerates in 3.6 seconds, 0.2 seconds. faster 510-strong modification. Maximum speed supercar reaches 318 km/h. In the city coupe consumes about 15 liters per 100 kilometers, and on the road – 9,2 liters. When driving in the combined cycle fuel consumption is claimed 11.4 liters.
The motor of the new Mercedes-AMG GT R works in conjunction with semidiapazonnym robot with two clutches. The Germans are slightly modified the transmission by changing its gear ratios, improved cooling and optimizing the management of the program. In addition, the race “Race” mode appeared in the transmission.
The most powerful AMG GT was improved aerodynamics. In particular, the manufacturer has established a body in front of the engine compartment 2-kilogram┬áspecial carbon element, which is in the mode of “Race” and at speeds above 80 km/h moves down, thereby changing the distribution of the air flow.
In addition, the Mercedes-AMG experts have established wing, which adjust the angle of attack, you can manually, as well as special vertical slats in the bottom of the bulkhead. The latter can be opened and closed for a second that reduces lift and provides additional cooling at higher speeds.
Note that the track Mercedes-AMG GT R is the first model of the brand with chassis. Using two electromechanical actuators convergence angle may vary up to 1.5 degrees. As a result, the rear wheels are turned supercar at speeds above 100 km/h in the same direction as the front, and at low speeds – in the opposite direction.
The center console in the cabin supercar, a new controller, with which you can specify certain settings traction control. Total Germans provided 9 different modes. The first of them is optimized for driving on a slippery road and the last nine – permits a maximum slippage of the rear wheels. If desired, the traction control can be turned off.
Among the other features of the new Mercedes-AMG GT R mention should be adapted to ride on the track suspension, lighter driveshaft, electronically controlled rear limited-slip differential, titanium exhaust system with adjustable volume and carbon-ceramic brakes with 402-millimeter discs at the front and 360 millimetric behind.
The front compartment to flaunt 19-inch wheels, and rear – 20 inch. Set larger diameter wheels managed by expanding the front and rear track, causing the vehicle to become wider than 46 mm at the front and 57mm at the rear. As base tires are used tires Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 325 mm in width.
In Europe, receiving orders to track the Mercedes-AMG GT R will begin November 21, 2016, and the first deliveries of vehicles to customers are planned for March 2017. The price of the car will be presented by later.

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