Porsche Mission E Concept electric supercar

Porsche has unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2015 an all-electric four-door supercar called Mission E. While the project is only a concept and the launch of a series of similar models of the question.
Porsche Mission E Concept has received an unusual design – the front part with large wings reminiscent supergibrid 918 Spyder, but the profile discern the features of the upcoming Porsche Panamera hatchback 2 generation. The rear doors open against the move, making it easier to fit into the cabin.
Interior Porsche Mission E Concept stands fully electronic front panel and the instrument panel and on the sides of the windshield are small displays, which displays a picture with a rear view camera. Manage the various systems of the car, you can use gestures.
Body Porsche Mission E concept is made of aluminum, steel and carbon fiber-reinforced polymers, and wheels – is completely carbon fiber. Here are the front wheel diameter of 21 inches, and rear – 22.
The movement of the supercar are two electric motors (one for each axis), which together give more than 600 hp, enabling the car to accelerate to hundreds in 3.5 seconds (0 to 200 km/h – for 12.0 seconds). At the same time the manufacturer claims that the terms of the North Loop of the Nürburgring Porsche Mission E is able to overcome in less than eight minutes.
This result was made possible thanks to the chassis (rear wheels can be rotated by small angles) and the distribution system of traction between each wheel individually. Also excellent handling model provides a low center of gravity (the height of the machine is equal to only 1 300 mm), helped set a floor located in the lithium-ion batteries.
The company assured that the battery is fully charged Porsche Mission E can cover a distance of 500 km, and a special 800-volt Porsche Turbo Charging charging station able to recharge the battery capacity by 80% (enough for about 400 kilometers) in just 15 minutes.

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