Porsche Cayenne S HYBRID finalized in SpeedART

Experts from the German car SpeedART tuning company finalized a hybrid version of the new Porsche Cayenne S Hybrid. Oddly enough, why make the setting motor hybrid, created to save fuel, though – meet. Tuners increase return turbo V6 TSI engine 3.3-liter from the initial 333 to 407 hp Total returns, coupled with an electric motor has increased to 450 hp and maximum torque was 570 Nm. The tuning of the hybrid version of the Cayenne transfer any hundred to place 6 seconds, half a second faster than the standard version. Top speed increased to 252 km/h. In addition, SpeedART equipped with the new Cayenne Porsche S HYBRID special switch that regulates the sound of the exhaust system, so that even on a hybrid could please yourself and okruschayuschih roaring engine V6. Externally speedHYBRID 450 can be distinguished by a reduced suspension, a stylish 22-inch wheels  LSC-FORGED, “clad” in a low-profile tire dimension 275/30 ZR22 front and 315/30 ZR22 – the back and a blue sticker on the back. The cost of improvements in hybrid company has not yet reported.

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porsche-cayenne-s-hybrid-speedart_02-650x433 porsche-cayenne-s-hybrid-speedart_01-650x433 porsche-cayenne-s-hybrid-speedart_03-650x433

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