Porsche 959 – a high-tech sports coupe that is considered one of the best sports cars of the eighties, along with its key competitor in the face of Ferrari F40. The first prototype model called Porsche Group B. He was introduced in 1983 at the Motor Show in Frankfurt. Conceived as the Porsche 911 and the serial received mid-engine layout. However, in the remaining technical issues when you create a Porsche 959 German experts have tried as far as possible to escape from the 911th model.

History of creation.

The new Porsche 959 Coupe was developed specifically for participation in the competition group B. It has become legendary Rally Championship, which is in its “golden” years was similar to Formula 1, only in off-road conditions. That is why the car has received wheel-drive system and a racing suspension independent type. At the Frankfurt Motor Show, Porsche 959 was received with enthusiasm, but on the civilian version initially was not even mentioned. A curious fact. While Porsche developed its “bomb” for rally racing, the competition proved to be banned Group B leadership FIA after a terrible accident with cars Ford and Lancia. However, the start of production was delayed because of the large-scale strikes of workers. As a result, the first production 959 copies were released only in 1987 For the sake of racing ambitions Exterior Porsche 959 designed by Luigi Colani – an experienced designer who later became one of the authors of the exterior Chevrolet Corvette. When the design of the German car he was in a very narrow framework established by engineers and designers of Porsche. However, this did not prevent Colani make muscular and cute car with a memorable appearance. Porsche 959 was the most streamlined body, devoid of sharp edges and protruding parts. Also the front bumper with large air intakes and large wing at the rear of the car has a large number of ventilation holes on the sides. All of this made for a more efficient cooling of the engine. About the engine, transmission and dynamic characteristics The movement brings Porsche 959 six-cylinder engine capacity of 2.8 liters. The use of two turbochargers allowed to increase its power to 450 hp and maximum torque is 500 Nm. The high-tech engine with injection system from Bosch Motronic, 24-valve, 4 camshafts and chain drives is paired with a 6-speed manual. Last supplemented by “intelligent” clutch Control Clutch E-type. On acceleration from zero to hundred kilometers per hour Porsche 959 spends 3.7 seconds (up to two hundred – 13.0 sec.) And a maximum speed coupe is 317 km/h. Simplicity or luxury? The car was sold in two versions: Comfort and Sport. The first version has a leather interior, and amenities include central locking, air conditioning and power windows. Sport version stripped every amenity. This modification is intended for true lovers of racing cars with a simple, but most functional interior. Continuous assembly of the Porsche 959 was completed in 1988. Total came to light 200 units of this model. At the time of its debut price of Porsche 959 was 225,000 dollars. The official successor to the car is a Porsche Carrera GT supercar.

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