The new Porsche 911 (2013) will receive a 7-speed manual transmission

They became known curious details about the Porsche 911 of the new generation, which is scheduled to debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2011 in September this year. According to the magazine Car & Driver, citing its own sources within the German company, the new sports car will receive a 7-speed manual gearbox instead of the 6-speed, which is equipped with a model of the current generation. According to the Porsche, seventh gear positive impact on vehicle fuel efficiency and will reduce the noise level when traveling long distances. At the same time, create a new transmission from scratch and design it on the basis of the available 7-speed robotized transmission PDK with two clutches. In any case, as long as none of the automakers in the world offers for its production of cars mechanical gear transmission with the number six above. Earlier, in a Porsche denied the information about the use of the KERS system for the new 911.


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