After just a year, the production of new items has been established at the Moscow plant and in 2008, Renault Logan has undergone small restyling in which the car has received the updated head optics, bumpers, grille, trunk lid and rear lights.

Configuration and price Renault Logan 2013.

Equipment Price Engine Transmission Drive
1.4 Authentique MT $9,900 1.4 petrol (75 hp) Manual (5) front
1.4 Expression MT $10,400 1.4 petrol (75 hp) Manual (5) front
1.6 Expression AT $12,200 1.6 petrol (103 hp) Manual (4) front

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The rest of the sedan looks seriously changed, retaining its “clumsy” unsightly design with massive stern. However, it is recognized that the overall appearance of the updated Renault Logan little has changed for the better. As for the interior, then it changes more visible. You can notice the new steering wheel, dashboard and instrument panel, which, however, also retained the main features of Logan. The interior used better materials, and the front seats are an improved lateral support.
But much more important is the technical component of the sedan. After restyling in the lineup appeared upgraded 1.6-liter gasoline engine with 103 hp, which is mounted in a pair of 4-The range of automatic, first appeared on Logan. Keep your place and well proven Seba engines of 1.4 (75 hp) and 1.6 (84 hp) liters. But for them, the automatic transmission is still not necessary – only a 5-speed manual. For a sedan in the initial configuration Authentique 1.4-liter engine dealers are asked to $9,900. But in fact, it’s completely naked car in which, in addition to the driver’s air bag, no nothing. You need to pay extra even for the power steering. In the version of Expression ($10,400.) Power is already included as the front windows and central locking. But it’s still not a lot. Renault Logan in picking the Prestige to the time had fog, air conditioning, trip computer, full power and heated front seats. The cost of a Renault Logan sedan in the top-end version with 103-horsepower engine and machine reached $12,200 (at the beginning of 2014 version with automatic transmission has disappeared from the price, but came back in the fall, however, in a more modest version of Expression).

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