Renault has announced prices for the new SUV Kaptur for the market, sales of which will begin in mid-June 2016. The car is available with two petrol engines of 1.6 (114 hp) and 2.0 (143 hp) liter. The base engine comes with front-wheel drive only, and as a transmission available 5-speed manual or a CVT (such cars will appear in September). A more powerful engine can be ordered in a pair with a 4-band automatic or manual transmission with six gears, and the default drive is full. Price Renault Kaptur in initial Lite version of $20,100, and for the SUV with the CVT is asked by $22,700. The car with the two-liter unit will cost a minimum of $24,200. (With manual transmission), and the top-end variant is already $26,700. For model offers eight color options, the roof can be white, black or body color, plus the buyers were able to further personalize the appearance of cars by special stickers on the roof and hood.