Buying a second-hand car – a very popular service. Often backed by auto preferred because of their low prices. And beyond that, used car often equipped with good and not so quickly depreciate. But there are some nuances, because of which mistakes when buying second-hand vehicles are often much easier than buying a new car.
Experienced sellers try every way to distract potential buyers from the disadvantages of the machine, emphasizing dignity. It is necessary to turn to professionals for advice before you make a choice in favor of a car.

How not to buy a poor quality car?

  • When you purchase an ad, immediately fold those options that you do not fit and do not waste time on their inspection. Of the remaining options will choose the most suitable, they will learn carefully, make a list of preliminary questions to the seller in advance.
  • Pay attention to the year when the car was released, do not avoid the data on its run, the number of owners, the purpose of its use by past owners. Learn about the repairs that were made, and how regularly conducted whether cars fell into the accident and after that it repaired or changed.
  • Do not believe a word, carefully check the information received as much as possible.
  • Take the time to a visual inspection, especially Heed to the rust stains, especially if they are present on the wheel arches, sills, trunk. If a lot of them – it’s a bad sign. Carefully look at the condition of the paint. If the items are different in color, it has to alert you.
  • Inspect the car in natural light during the day.
  • Be sure to measure the eye clearances between the parts in the body. If the body is not repaired
    Take a look and a car. Check if the oil flows, antifreeze, brake fluid, gasoline. How exactly are the wheels, there is no skew.
  • Opening the bonnet, the engine account – it should be clean, leak-free, oil should not go bubbles, antifreeze must be free of impurities.
  • Leaving open the hood, start the engine, oil pressure and battery lights should burn, the engine has to work quietly, evenly, pressing the accelerator should not be heard a knock, speed should fall instantly when you press the pedal.
  • Pay attention to the color of the exhaust gas. First, it can be white, but when the engine warms up, the exhaust should be colorless. If the exhaust is black, then you are waiting for the problem to control, and if the blue, the car will have a costly repair.
  • Be sure to check lights and bulbs in full, and should check the work of the stove and air conditioner.
  • Before inspection of a particular car, read forums where owners write about problem areas specific brands and models of cars. Pay special attention to them during the inspection.