Pink supercar McLaren 720S in the unique color Fux Fuchsia

In the framework of the elegance contest at Pebble Beach 2017, a presentation of a unique version of the McLaren 720S supercar, built by members of the special unit of the British brand MSO, was commissioned by an American businessman and automobile collector Michael Fuchs. Previously, the customer turned to Rolls-Royce with a request to create a special nominal color, which was named Fux Fuchsia. It was this unusual pink shade that was used to paint the body and rim of the wheels of the unique 720S. It is noteworthy that this shade can not be applied to any other copy of the McLaren model without Fuchs’ consent. Some interior elements are also painted in this color, while the interior itself is made in light colors. The cost of the pink McLaren 720S is not disclosed.

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